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about najeeb brothers

Najeeb Brothers is a Lighting-Decorations company based in Jerusalem. Since 1996, we've been developing and expanding our fields of specializations every year.

Inspired by the worldwide Millennium Celebrations, we completed our first lighting decorations project in 1999.


For the last two decades, we've been dedicated to highlight the beauty of our cities with the touch of our lighting decorations. Whether it's a building, shop, or city streets, we know how to turn it into a magical place. 

Our services include designing the lighting decoration theme that best suits our customer's location, executing all the preparation and installation work according to high safety and durability standards, and providing maintenance and support after finishing the project.

We have forever aimed to integrate the newest solutions into our work to deliver the best quality and service to our customers.

In addition to festive Led-Lights decorations, we design and install RGB-Pixel lights than are controlled by special high-tech controllers and computer software to illuminate building facades and bridges with a modern & urban touch.

Quality, Safety, and Working under tight deadlines, are the standards that make us stand out and gain the trust of our clients.

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